A reliable data processor for space

In close cooperation with and in assignment of the European Space Agency ESA, we have been developing reliable, fault-tolerant, radiation-resistant data processor IP for on-board sensor data processing with state-of-the-art processing power.

We used a step-wise approach and developed various prototypes with our IP inside:

  1. A functional prototype combining new fault-tolerance techniques with proven space components
  2. Rad.-hard silicon prototype with crucial IP
  3. Multi-core Scalable Sensor Data Processor for space.

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Functional multicore DSP unit prototype for sensor data processing in space

Based on Recore Systems’ multicore Digital Signal Pro-cessor (DSP) subsystem IP, the “Massively Parallel Processor Breadboarding (MPPB) Study” (ESA Contract No. 21986) developed a scalable heterogeneous multicore System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture and a payload unit prototype for future sensor data processing in space applications.

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Xentium DSP IP

Our  Xentium® DSP IP is at the core of all our data processing solutions.  It is a high performance VLIW DSP core and a highly scalable IP building block, suited for large multi-core systems-on-chip (SoC). 

It comes with the Xentium Studio software Development Environment for programming sensor data processing applications.

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Curious how we do it?

In the video, Gerard Rauwerda explains our techniques for fault-tolerance in many-core systems, and how we married new concepts for self-repairing reconfigurable chips to proven space concepts such as the LEON processor and SpaceWire.