Technolution continues Recore's IP development activities


Technolution Gouda has taken over the IP design activities from Recore Systems in Enschede. In doing so, Technolution acquires, among other things, knowledge and technology in the field of digital signal processing for space applications. Gerard Rauwerda, co-founder and former CTO of Recore Systems, will continue the activities within Technolution from the technology integrator's office in Deventer.

Continuity for the clients
Gerard Rauwerda is very pleased with Technolution's move following the bankruptcy of Recore Systems. “With this, the continuity for Recore Systems' clients has been secured. The IP of Recore Systems is the result of years and years of development. This knowledge must not be lost. What is unique about our technologies is that they can be bought as European IP core, for example for the European space industry and defense industry. The European space industry organization ESA is one of the most important clients. It is crucial for this technology to remain available within Europe in order to be independent from non-European technology.”

Space-proof signal processing
Recore Systems, a spin-off of Twente University, has, among other things, developed digital signal processors (DSPs) for applications in space industry. Due to the lack of a damping atmosphere or magnetic field, electronics are exposed to exceptionally tough conditions in space, such as extreme temperature fluctuations and high levels of radiation. The DSPs can withstand these conditions. They are very light, small in size and combine maximal processing power with a low energy consumption. Thanks to the Network-on-Chip IP, it is possible to combine multiple functions on one chip in one multi-core architecture. All these features make the technology exceptionally suitable to be used in space.

Signal processing in space is becoming increasingly more important since scientific instruments generate more and more data. Generally, there is not enough bandwidth available to send all data back to earth. DSPs analyze and filter the data. Only relevant information is thus sent back to earth.

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