Recore Systems’ IP in the first European multi-core space processor


To create Europe’s first multi-core DSP payload processor for future space missions, a pivotal player in space systems has licensed Recore Systems’ many-core processor subsystem IP. Recore’s subsystem IP will be at the center of the next-generation European data analysis and data compression chip for space missions, a so-called payload processor.

Over the past decades, the amount of data produced during space missions has increased significantly while the increase in communication bandwidth from a space vessel to earth has not evolved at the same speed. A solution to the lack of communication bandwidth lies in space vessels only sending relevant and compressed data to earth, and thus make optimal use of the limited communication bandwidth available. The processors that analyze, filter and compress the data from the scientific instruments in space are called on-board payload processors.

“Experts working at Europe’s pivotal player in space design integrate our many-core subsystem IP with well-known space IP. They will create the first multi-core, radiation-hard European payload processor for space based on our technology,” says Dirk Logie, CEO of Recore Systems. “The end result will be a powerful payload processor for processing the wealth of data collected in future space missions. We expect that one day in the foreseeable future, our technology will help to explore the Universe.”

In the multi-core payload processor, Recore’s many-core subsystem IP will be merged with existing, proven space technologies such as SpaceWire interfaces. Recore’s many-core subsystem IP consists of multiple Xentium DSPs and associated memories, interconnected with a performant Network-on-Chip.

The first European multi-core space processor is expected to result in new applications and business opportunities in the European space market. The next-generation payload processor chip will be available early 2016.



About Recore Systems

Recore Systems is a Dutch fabless semiconductor company which develops reliable and fault-tolerant heterogeneous many-core processor subsystems. Our mission is to make the many-core life easy for both hardware and software developers. We implement our mission in hardware and software by delivering both many-core embedded Real Time Operating Systems and middleware, as well as many-core hardware subsystem IP tailored to our customer’s specific application needs.

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