Recore Systems announces FlexaWare® at electronica 2014 in Munich


During electronica 2014 in Munich next week, Recore Systems announces FlexaWare®, an easy programmable, flexible many-core embedded platform. The FlexaWare® platform consists of hardware, a runtime and a software development environment. It is designed from the ground up to offer the flexibility and scalability needed to cater to a range of applications from clear cut to compute intensive and massively parallel.

Many developers view heterogeneous many-core systems as the programmer’s nightmare. Recore Systems developed the FlexaWare scalable embedded parallel data processing platform to offer the much needed ease of use and flexibility. FlexaWare’s programming model and hardware architecture enable a many-core platform that is easy to program and that at the same time scales flexibly to specific application demands.

FlexaWare’s software development environment (SDE) gives the programmer a high-level, uniform view of the hardware while the hardware under the hood is a heterogeneous mixture of general purpose cores, signal processing cores, and hardware accelerators suited to offer the best match for a specific application domain. To translate the abstraction in FlexaWare’s SDE to efficient performance on the many-core hardware, Recore Systems introduces a lightweight distributed coordination layer, the so-called FlexaWare runtime.

“For easy programming of a heterogeneous many-core processor system, the programming model is key,” says Gerard Rauwerda, CTO at Recore Systems. “FlexaWare runtime keeps track of what is happening on the system, and knows how the hardware can deliver if a task needs to run real-time and with high performance, or in contrast using low power. The intelligence in the FlexaWare runtime sets FlexaWare apart from standard embedded platforms and makes the heterogeneous many-core easy to program. This is crucial to support applications running on a large number of cores.”

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