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Working at Recore Systems

What we do

At Recore Systems, we strive to make the many-core life easy for our customers. We design heterogeneous many-core processor systems and develop accompanying tools that make programming easy.

Our mission comes to life in FlexaWare, a flexible and scalable heterogeneous many-core embedded processing platform.

Why we do it

We want to make many-core easy! And we’re not stopping just because many people say that that isn’t possible….

Everything in our industry is driven by “Moore’s law”, or, in other words, the desire to get more performance out of that piece of silicon. We see many-core as a main road for “Moore”, and when we say many-core, we mean hundreds of cores, and in a variety of cores and functions.  Formally said: scalable, flexible, heterogeneous many-core systems. We love all the hardware design challenges that come with connecting a variety of cores and accelerators, and keeping it scalable from 2 to 2048 and beyond.

The negative association between ‘many-core’ and ‘programming headache’ is the second and most important part of our ‘why’. If it’s easy to use, heterogeneous many-cores are simply the coolest way to get more performance, so why not make that possible?

We want to be the ones that make complex many-core systems easy to use for the rest of the world. We are excited to do what others consider impossible in this day and age: many-core made easy.

How we do it

An ambitious project like ‘making many-core easy’ requires many steps and iterations, frequent trials, tests and improvements. We have adopted the Agile Scrum method to continuously check expectations and progress. Every three weeks, teams deliver fully working essential concepts to stakeholders who represent ‘the customer’. 

We are self-driven and plan our work in three week ‘Sprints’, culminating in demos to the stakeholders. Each team decides how to break a project into manageable pieces, and estimates development time. Every morning, we meet for a 15-minute ‘daily stand-up’ and everyone tells what (s)he’s done, what (s)he plans to do, and asks help with issues. We share our ideas, discuss various perspectives, solve our problems, and see how we progress.

Do you fit in?

Are you full of new ideas and aren’t you afraid to discuss them? Do you like to do things that are ‘impossible’? Do you want to see it come to life in ground-breaking products? Join a team of like-minded people from all over the world. Welcome to Recore!