Sr. Embedded Software Engineer - Platform Development

At Recore, we develop a new, flexible and scalable embedded processing platform. This platform is targeted to unite easy programming and heterogeneous many-core complexity, by combining heterogeneous many-core hardware, a runtime and a software development environment.

Within our FlexaWare platform we strive to make programming simple and straightforward, no matter how complex the hardware is. 

One of the key aspects is our scalable hardware platform which accommodates many heterogeneous processing elements and I/O. Platform software enables all of these resources and makes them on the one hand available to our customer, and on the other hand to the runtime - a lightweight distribution layer that adaptively maps, schedules and executes application tasks on the available heterogeneous hardware resources.

Right now we are looking for an experienced embedded senior platform engineer who is able to contribute to our platform software and who is eager to extend his knowledge and skills to help us achieve our goals. 

Key responsibilities

Within our software team you will be the driving force behind the development of our state-of-the-art software platform for our distributed heterogeneous many-core systems.


Required skills

  • Excellent C++, C programming skills,
  • Strong understanding of Linux, including kernel internal primitives,
  • Experience with bootloaders: both first stage bootloaders (FSBL) and second stage bootloaders such as U-Boot,
  • Experience with tools to create/build Embedded Linux distributions (Yocto),
  • Experience in creating BSP packages and designing and implementing device drivers (DDR SDRAM, NAND Flash, Ethernet, I2C),
  • Experience using various debugging techniques including GDB and  JTAG debuggers,
  • Ability to comprehend hardware schematics,
  • Solid working knowledge of the full software development process, including capturing requirements, architectural design, specification, implementation, testing and documentation,
  • MSc or BSc degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field and preferably at least five years of professional experience.

Desired skills

Experience with:

  • Various hardware architectures such as Xilinx Zinq, ARM, X86, Microblaze, and DSP,
  • PetaLinux,
  • SoC and FPGA,
  • Parallel programming,
  • (Multi or many-core) computer architectures,
  • Embedded systems,
  • Agile/Scrum software development methodologies,
  • Assembly languages,
  • Digital signal processing,
  • Writing test-cases and (unit) tests in order to verify the implemented functionality,
  • Project management. 

Personal attributes

  • Team player,
  • Capable to think ahead and proactively take initiative,
  • Persistent and determined to keep commitments and meet deadlines,
  • Eager to learn and stay current in relevant technical developments,
  • Proficient planning and organizing skills,
  • Good communication skills in English (both oral and written).

Are you...

A top performer with a MSc degree and interested in making a difference in a challenging multidisciplinary environment? Please forward your resume and career motivations to or send a written application letter to:

Recore Systems

P.O. Box 77
7500 AB Enschede
The Netherlands

For further details, contact Patrick Klok by email or call +31 53 4753 000.

Headhunters, intermediaries: we accept direct applications only.