About Recore Systems

Recore Systems designs heterogeneous multi-core DSP processor systems, and IP to create Network-on-Chip (NoC)-based multi-processor DSP systems for FPGA and ASIC. Our technology has been developed for e.g. reliable data processing in space.

Technolution has taken over the IP design activities from Recore Systems.

About Technolution

Technolution develops products and systems in many different domains, from traffic management systems to high-tech electronics. As a technology integrator, we create innovative solutions for our clients. We combine business, technology and knowledge. Our technological expertise and knowledge of the client's domain allow us to create the best solutions. Our engineers are specialized in electronics, embedded software and application software.

As a technology integrator, we deploy our multidisciplinary expertise in an effective way to find the best solution for you, whether this means developing electronics, programmable logic, (embedded) software or a combination of these things. Next to design services, we offer IP for FPGA/ASIC: FreNox RISC-V, Xentium DSP, and Network-on-Chip technology.